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Promoting a multi-stakeholder collaborative environment
to accelerate the transition toward a Circular Oslo Region.

Encouraging and inspiring our region

Initiatives &
Case Studies

Highlights in our
regions Circular Economy

Tools &

for the public sector, businesses, NGOs and individuals

& Events

Digital Convening to Build Back Better with Circular Events

The greater Oslo region is comprised of vibrant urban centers with unique boroughs, exciting peri-urban areas and diverse rural communities.

Circular Oslo – Circular Regions
 launching in conjunction with
Oslo as European Green Capital 2019 

Read more about: Why Regions 

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Funding from the City of Oslo
dedicated to reducing material consumption

  • building knowledge and experience
  • showcasing new opportunities
  • and promoting access to sharing solutions

Circular Oslo’s mission will be achieved through the following activities:

  • Encourage and inspire our region by identifying and highlighting municipalities, organizations, projects and initiatives that implement circular solutions and innovative business models
  • Develop and provide access to tools, workshops, and educational resources for public entities, communities, NGOs, businesses, entrepreneurs, and students to better understand and implement circular solutions
  • Crowdsource and open-source the data on circular solutions in urban, peri-urban and rural communities.
  • Support the digital infrastructure for a regional access economy
  • Collaborate with other value-aligned initiatives – linking with other regions nationally and internationally
  • Fostering a multi-stakeholder network for pursuing opportunities and collaboration