A networked platform & methodologY

developed in and for the Oslo Region as part of
European Green Capital 2019 built to be
replicated and networked globally.

Fostering a multi-stakeholder network
for pursuing opportunities and collaboration

- distributed by design

Urban zones with unique boroughs,
developing peri-urban areas,
and resilient rural communities

Each with their own:
Culture defined by history
Resources defined by nature
Future defined by people

A network and tool for municipalities and regions

Resources for Industry, Educators, Entrepreneurs and Policy Makers

Methodology and system for dynamic mapping of initiatives 

sdgwheelAsset 1

International network supporting the Sustainable Development Goals 

Data to identify social, economic and environmental impact

Digital infrastructure for a regional access economy

Accelerating the Circular Economy
supporting bottom-up and top-down solutions

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municipalities interested in connecting their region