Crowdsourcing Circular Economy initiatives throughout the Greater Oslo Region to showcase to the world!
Whether you represent industry, the public sector, an NGO, a citizen-driven project or a collaboration –
 your initiative is relevant as part of the Circular Economy of the Region.

In January 2020 we present the first round of Circular initiatives and case studies

Here are just a few of the many data points we are collecting and open sourcing (see map below for more details)

What is the scope?
Local, Regional, National..

Is it based in a rural, peri-urban or urban area?

What are the material inputs and outputs?

sdgwheelAsset 1

Which of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals does it support?

What, if any technology is involved? 
AI, DLT, Robotics..

Who are the partners / stakeholders?

What is the business model?

Meanwhile, if you would like access to the submission form or any other information
reach out to us at

Below is map of the system architecture behind the Circular Regions platform